Chairman of the Council Board

Chairman of the Council Board

The Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Message

I am honored to welcome you to the website of Northern Educational Company, which aims to be one of the leading companies in the Northern Borders region. The company is dedicated to keeping up with the developments and growth in the business and economic sectors, especially the private education sector. It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in our beloved country. Northern College of Nursing is committed to providing the best educational environment for its students, in accordance with the highest international quality standards and accredited academic programs in higher education. This is to keep pace with the rapid changes in society and the needs of the job market for distinguished national professionals capable of shouldering responsibilities. In light of these requirements, the college needs continuous development in its scientific and research outputs. The college has already begun making radical changes to meet international excellence standards and best scientific practices. It has taken confident steps to achieve its strategic goals of reaching the forefront of education and serving the community in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

The establishment of Northern College of Nursing came in response to the comprehensive development movement witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In a short period of time, the college has managed to establish a large scientific institution, accelerating the advancement of all its academic pillars according to its plans, which aimed at achieving more visions and scientific programs within an ambitious strategy that keeps pace with the developments in the field of education and scientific research in prestigious and advanced universities around the world.

Northern College of Nursing provides the best available educational opportunities, with a commitment to graduating future leaders and knowledgeable students. It aspires to introduce more scientific specializations and expand its contributions to strengthening scientific research and expanding its horizons to serve and align with the job market at the regional level.

Northern College of Nursing is committed to achieving the highest levels of quality and excellence as the means to prepare competent and scientifically capable graduates who make an important specialized knowledge contribution in enhancing development in various fields.

To achieve this goal, the college is constantly evolving, not only in terms of its programs and specializations but also in its efforts to attract and appoint the best faculty members. It seeks to create a productive and innovative scientific environment, as well as a complete commitment to enhancing partnerships and cooperation with all local community institutions and organizations, as well as many other scientific institutions at the Arab and global levels.

The college's ambition remains at the forefront, with wide-ranging goals and sustainable aspirations that keep up with the scientific developments of today's world. This drives us to ensure the provision of competent and qualified outputs that meet the needs of the job market and serve as a strong foundation in building a knowledge-based society and comprehensive human development.

In conclusion, I ask the Almighty to guide our steps towards goodness and crown our efforts with success.

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