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Message of the Dean of the College

Message of the Dean of the College

"I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the website of the Northern College of Nursing in Arar City. I sincerely hope that this website receives acceptance and achieves the desired benefits and objectives. It aims to contribute to introducing our college and its various educational, research, recreational, and social activities.

إن ما تسعى إليه كُلية الشمال للتمريض هو الارتقاء بالإنسانية من خلال الاستثمار في الإنسان واكتساب الخبرات والمهارات؛ ليُنمّي بها ذاته ويطوّر مجتمعه ووطنه، و لقد رسمت رؤية الوطن 2030  لمؤسساتنا التعليمية مسارات مضيئة لنُحقق أهدافنا من خلال بيئة تعليمية صحية ومتميزة، مبنية على قواعد ثابتة في الأداء وإتقان العمل،  وهذا يتمثل في سعينا لتوفير بيئة متنوعة ثقافياً وتعليمياً لخدمة الفرد ومحيطه؛ من خلال الحرص على إتقان العمل والتميّز التعليمي والأكاديمي؛ عن طريق استقطاب كوادر تعليمية متنوعة تتّصف بالكفاءة والجودة، وهذا يجعلنا نتميز بمستوى العطاء والأداء في أبرز المجالات المهنية والصحية متمثلة بمهنة التمريض.   

Keeping pace with development and providing modern means to achieve the vision, mission, and goals of the Northern College of Nursing places us in sustainable competition with our achievements within a clear forward-looking vision of the future. This is achieved by identifying the level of individual, societal, and national needs and working to meet these needs, developing the individual's personality and meeting the needs of the job market.

Finally, the Northern College of Nursing was built by the hands of the makers of success and their partners who have advanced this healthcare educational institution to achieve a part of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, represented by the quality of healthcare educational outcomes. I am pleased to renew my invitation to you to continuously visit the college's website to keep abreast of improvement initiatives and new programs, and to learn about all the new developments we strive to offer in this vital and important specialization in our lives and society.

Dean of the Northern College of Nursing

Dr. Nora Bint Abdullah Al-Hudayb."

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